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>>> now, "good morning, maryland." >>> force horse racing is big business in maryland. state leaders will try to figure out what's best for maryland. >>> and tax cut negotiations between republicans and democrats. the compromise that could be reached this week. >>> there's no doubt about it, this hurts. if you watched it, it was painful and came down to the last-minute. it seemed like the ravens would win it but the steelers end up walking away 13-10. >> woke up this morning and turned on the television to get a final score. went to the iphone and saw 13-10 and wanted to go back to bed. >> yes. rotten. mondays are better when the ravens win. >> no doubt. but, we have to deal with the loss and now we have to figure a way to get back into the divisional lead because we are behind. >> absolutely. all right. it is monday morning. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> let's check the workweek forecast. how will this monday start o let's ask just -- start off. let's ask justin berk. snow? >> we had a little yesterday and we could have more today and tomorrow. but, either wa
horse racing in maryland. >> the trouble for 1 ellicott city man was just beginning when a car crashed into his home. find out what was found inside that has him in some real trouble with the law. >> what kind of weather can we look forward to? the forecast as we continue. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> sandra shaw has a quick look at the forecast. >> if you're dreaming of a white christmas, you may have to wait a day. it looks like we have a good potential at this point as the storm materializes to be a coastal storm. how close it is depends on how much snow. we could get some significant accumulations. right now, it is 19, the wind chill factor downtown. the actual temperature is in the low 30's this morning. the wind is the story today. 15 to 20 miles per hour with higher gusts. more on the winter storm coming up. n
.com. those are your tech bites. >>> now, "good morning, maryland." >>> it's been such a loss for the community. they were good people, kind neighbors and loving family. this morning, we say bye to a family of six killed in a house fire. >>> they failed to convince the maryland racing commission and the preakness could get to another state. >>> things have been busy in washington and we will look at what's been signed and how it's going there this morning. it's wednesday morning, thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. charlie croweson has the day o justin is here busy in the weather -- crowson has the day off. justin is here busy in the weather center. >> check this out i love our viewers. seriously. we get some phenomenal photographs. this from kate laurel photography and taking this sequence of photographs of the full moon going through the faces of the lunar eclipse yesterday morning. is that fantastic or what? >> that's incredible. >> that's beautiful. i will see if i can post it on the internet but thanks to kate for sending this into abc2 news and our storm team. that
>>> well, new trouble tonight for maryland's signature sporting event. the preakness stake is in jeopardy. and it could be time for the state to step in. >>> today the people who own the home of the preakness and the racetrack failed to convince maryland's racing commission to accept their plan for live racing in 2011. no live racing could mean no preakness, right? >> reporter: that's right. they usually begin the racing season with the winter meet on januaryst, just over a week away. but after a meeting today, the owners are not licensed to run horse races in maryland and that means the future of the preakness stake and maryland racing in general are in doubt tonight. is the preakness in danger? the chairman of the maryland racing commission thinks it is. >> unless we authorize racing dates, they are not allowed to run the peekness. >> reporter: last month, the commission rejected a plan that would have reduced the racing schedule there. time, they asked for a full 146- day schedule if several conditions could be met by may 31st of next year. those included more money from
night. he was 46 years old from bowie, maryland, apparently unarmed when he was shot by at least two gun men. [music] >> it's nice that the whole community can get together and do something, even though it's something small, but i felt it was really important that i came out and brought my son out with me to show our condolences for the family. >> chris is taking this very hard. >> reporter: chris patelewas inside the store with his mother when his father was shot. after the vigil, he was mobbed by well wishers with hugs and tears of words of support. >> we were really surprised of the turnout, so we were really thankful for the neighbors we have. >> thank you for everything. >> reporter: the patels have owned the store about two years, have never been robbed before and say they're not sure they'll reopen for business. >> it's still kind of unbelievable to even think it happened right here. >> reporter: police say security cameras inside the store recorded the shooting. police now hoping the surveillance video will help them identify the killers. police say the gunmen wore masks, but had
>>> now, "good morning maryland" at nine. >>> friday december 24th. christmas eve. good morning, maryland. i am charlie crowson the megan has the day off. hope your friday is off to a great start. and if you are taking care of some of the last-minute shopping items, guys you know who you are, got a traffic update for. you alexis told us about delays expected and possible near east point mall. there's light malfunction near eastern avenue and north point boulevard. so, if you are making your way out to east point mall, you could face delays. again, it's christmas, everyone be patient and enjoy the time and be patient with everyone else. a full show this morning including our pet of the week. meet brownie. a four-month-old boxer pointer mix from our friends at the maryland spca and the moose cay busesch we have been going local showcasing everything local. great shopping ideas for the who will day. we will have the latest and great model trains as well as radio controlled cars and airplanes. some boy toys i guess you want to call them. also your whacky video of the year. something
. she raised more than $7.30 million for her failed campaign. in d.c. today, the maryland terps coach is out with a bang. more from the military ball. >> maryland has not parted ways. the deed is done. the coach shows that you handle adversity as well as fridge. he goes out on top. maryland put together an offensive assault on the pirates. d j adams reached the end zone four times today. the military bowl mvp. touchdown runs in maryland bowl history -- the longest touchdown runs in maryland bowl history. the team won 51-20. freegan is a class act. >> i am always going to be there for you. if you have problems and need someone to talk to, you have my cell phone. i always have time for you. you're like my children. [laughter] >> later, more from ralph region as he looks at his legacy in maryland. >> still ahead, some people will do anything to write the perfect wave. will show a few brave surfers next. i look back at 2010, the disasters across the country. >> some baltimore county residents are facing eviction tonight after they were robbed at gunpoint. i will explain. >> if you win meg
's 29 at national airport. out in theountains of western maryland, west virgini low 20s. around the bay, virginia tidewer, etern shore, upper 20s. and have had quite a bit of cloudiness the last 12 hours. they did not get as go view as did f rth virginia, the district and maryland. we have lht snow falling in southwestern virginia and southern st virginia. thatwilltay to our south today. it's tracking south d east. for th tuesday we'll have little sunshine ths mornig. appears we'll have a mostly clou afternoon. a slight chace of a fleury. highs reacng mid and upper 30s. sunrise, 7:23. sunset, 4:4 we'll show you some of the photos of the lipse troughout news 4 today. stay tuned. and i' show you the rest of the weeknd peek at the weekend in a few minutes. good mornin how is our traffic? >>> we're startingff with a can slate. they'r in the procs of pickg up overnight road construction at the tysons area. there's a cuple cones. adlights there are leaving college park, silver spring. oe and lindsay, back to ou. >> thank you, asey, very much. >>> the -boyfriend of a missing former redskins c
will pick up four new house seats. florida gains 2 and ohio and new york each lose 2. here in maryland, our state population grew 9% from 10 years ago. and as a result, maryland will keep the 8 congressional seats. >>> president obama will sign a landmark law that tells americans armed force services they can let gays openly serve. for the first time. obama signature will fulfill a campaign pledge to clear the party liberals and strike a blow for what he sees as basic human rights. pentagon official caution activist elevation over the bill could be premature. they have the review on how to reverse policy will affect the military before making an official change. >>> north carolina tv station won the fourth off -- a woman with a gun walked into the lobby. the woman came into the lobby of the station in charlotte ring north carolina because she was upset with finances -- upset about finances. the station was off the air for an hour and employees evacuated into the parking lot in the back of the building. the woman was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. and no one was hurt in the s
can help in the fight locally here in maryland. >>> we want your two cents on the life and times eve liz beth edwards. what kind of inspiration does she leave for you in your life. log on and click on the facebook fan page and here's what denise said earlier. elizabeth was a humble woman with the strength we all wish we had. god rest her soul and bless her children. elizabeth you inspired me to make me a stronger woman. leave the comments and we will read them on the air throughout the morning on good morning, maryland and "good morning, maryland." >>> the deer population here is big and the national park service says they will kill 200 white tail deer. the park will be closed starting next week and continuing all the way through march. portions of the park will be closed for the weekends and after noons as well as evenings. park officials say the deer density of 87 per square smile is six times larger than in a heavy porest's ecosystem. >>> the grench couldn't -- grinch couldn't steal christmas. the county board of commissioners will approve plans to bring the celebrations back. las
. with this vote in essence maryland racing comes to an end unless the governor can step in and help take over a troubled industry. at laurel park, don harrison for abc2 news. >> late this afternoon governor martin o'malley released a statement saying -- it's disappointing the parties involved couldn't reach agreement. we are prepared to aggressively protect the state's interest as we did two years ago when presented with the threat of losing maryland's treasured preakness stakes. i would encourage the track owners, industry representativities and horsemen and breeders to return to the table and reach agreement that protects the jobs that depend on our rich history of racing in maryland. we will continue to explore the legal options available to us. as of now there are no more meetings scheduled before the new year. christian schaffer will have more on this story tonight at 11:00. >>> we brick you breaking news out of north carolina where an armed woman has entered a tv station. police say the woman walked into the charlotte abc affiliate wsoc around 5:00 tonight. the station went off the air
will stay out of most of the state of maryland. let's look first on the big picture. maryland's most powerful radar shower well offshore. snow showers western pennsylvania including pittsburgh, let thiemia have it. hopefully it will have their mindset for the week. take a look at some of the wind gusts coming up. we talk about these wind gusts pushing 50 in edge marry. push 46 out to the west. winds have indict off but the windchill factor feels like the mid 30s. feeling like freezing or below. quickly falling through the 30s. cold and blustery weather. windchill into the 20s overnight. >>> thanks a lot wyatt. he was with the harford county sheriff's department for more than two decades but mike forwood has been fired on allegations he stole some item from a business. kind of a bizarre story >> reporter: major forwood was one of jessie bane's top brass commanding executive services bureau now he's the subject into investigation into outright theft for the second time. major mark forwood's first arrest came after this home depot in bel-air reported he purchased several items over se
water by the end of the day. a college in maryland canceled classes yesterday for the entire day because of water main break on campus. they will resume classes today. we also saw in montgomery county and other water main break that caused water to flood into the streets causing the streets to turn into sheets of ice, causing dangerous issues for drivers. there board member of fender benders in that area. -- there were a number of fender benders. please report them when you see them. it's going to be another chilly day. in western maryland we have already seen snow falling. there's none here yet. back to you. >> thank you. >>> meanwhile, western maryland is blanketed with several inches of snow this morning. people have been shoveling. some have been hoping for a mild winter after last year. >> 4:33. this morning the nation remembers elizabeth edwards' cancer or public fight with breast cancer. she died early yesterday at her house in north carolina, a day after the public found out that rthe cancer treatments end.t -- would >> she was smiling on the oxide, a privately pragmatic about he
in quantico. clouds, approaching from the south and west. a few showers may fall in maryland, shenandoah valley, not going to amount to much. as we enter 2011, the temperatures will be well above average. let's look at today's forecast, clear skies mainly with increasing clouds, 42-47 degrees. the upper 20's tonight. 49-54 tomorrow, mostly sunny. >>>270 passed 118, easy volume. seems to be working fine. heading into virginia, construction. it has been tough there the past couple days. at tysons corner is fine. between about seven and 66, there are some detours and alertness. so pay attention. back to you. >> thank you. >>> police are looking for a hit-and-run driver. a woman is fighting for her life after an overnight crash in arlington. >> a car hit the woman and courtney robinson is live with the latest on the investigation. what can you tell us? >> officers are still on the scene investigating this year and run accident. over my shoulder, you can see there are a number of markers on north fairfax drive. they are collecting evidence. we are right next to the metro stop. this was a horr
about today, the winter storm that was supposed to sweep through most of maryland. the eastern shore was hit very hard with heavy snow and strong winds whipping throughout the area. things are looking better on this side of the bridge, there are still concerns about the wind work we're live with first warning weather coverage. tim williams and marty bass are here in the weather center. >>> this storm definitely glanced much of central maryland. 10inches up near cecil county. now, we're dealing with the wind. 32degrees now and the winds are something to be factored into the forecast. 20miles per hour winds at bwi and 23 near came bridge. 17miles per hour winds near frederick. look at the gusts near the airport. 40miles per hour gusts and they could be highier. you'll see 41 at bel air. you can factor that around 32 degrees and it feels more like 15. it feels like minus three in oakland and the mid-teens around much of the lower eastern shore. look at that, 9 in elkton and hagerstown. we'll be dealing with this and the winds are a factor. with more on the winds, here's marty bass. >>>
from the baltimore city police department in maryland state fire office we will continue this investigation. >> the atf pix tells us that preliminary numbers says $3 million in damages was caused by the fire. they are asking anyone with information on this fire to call bartz in ha line at1-88-atf- fire. there is a $5,000 reward leading to a resolution in this case. >> the red cross is continuing to help those affected by yesterday's deadly fire in east baltimore. a memorial is still growing outside the house on homewood avenue. the exact cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> as for the weather, it continues to cause problems across the country. here at home we could soon be dealing with the nets shot of winter. we will get the latest on that from our chief meteorologist. >> you can see there is a winter weather advisory. southern maryland on the weatcluster and short. down there that may have at three or 4 inch snowfall by tomorrow evening. north of there a couple of inches possible. let's check radar. there is nothing across the baltimore area right now. what
in maryland. they cannot seem to agree on the details. we all live in tennec. joe -- we are live with more. >> they will agree to the racing schedule, but only if there is more money in their pockets. >> confusion reigns over whether there really is an agreement to save horseracing in maryland. fluid is how one person described situation. stakeholders met friday in annapolis. according to one, some of the table are thinking that the plan they hammer out will be presented at the next maryland racing commission. now, no one is quite sure. according to a source familiar with the negotiations, horses run on a 146 live racing schedule. pimlico is offering an additional 140 days of live racing. if the general assembly does not amend the law regarding track improvement money. currently, 2.5% of track -- of race proceeds go into a renewable account. however, it is a matching fund. they want to strike the matching fund operation turning into an expense account. according to a horse racing industry source, they do not want to commit to a full year of live racing without a guarantee. penn national ha
. this stormy morning and look at the advisories waps and warnings. tornado watch for most of central maryland takes us through ten. we have the strong cold front to swing through the area and it's possible that could spin up an isolated twister. flash flood warning is until 10:15. a wind advisory until 11. that's a coastal flood warning until three. coastal areas around harford through baltimore and anne arundel county with high water on the chesapeake bay. here's the deal. maryland's most powerful doppler radar crossing the dam, the river and havre de grace getting a heavy band of rain and heavy rain and gusty winds. you can see the bow shape to the red and orange shading there. essentially, that's one band in a very active line of storms that is pushing through the region right now. one of the highlights, wind gusting in darlington, 25 miles per hour. 32-mile-per-hour winds bel air. kate opsville leading the charge with 48-mile-per-hour winds. that's enough to knock over vehicles over to another lane. maybe take down tree bran pes and power lines. gusty wind and highs this morning in the lo
to the bargaining table but warned that he is continuing to look for legal options to protect maryland's interests. the maryland racing commission rejected the track owners conditional live racing plants. the exchange between commission members and truck owners often became combative. the decision has the support of horsemen and readers. some are hurled insults at the honors. horsemen's accused the owners of putting a dagger into the heart of the maryland horse racing industry. >> this is an insult to maryland racing, okay? what has happened now is that this ownership has brought rate -- maryland racing to the verge of winning. >> this calls for the general assembly to amend several laws about a matching track improvement funded to a track improvement account. but the owners with a bigger share of the purses. they are requing horsemen's to lobby lawmakers. if their effort fails, racing will stop after the preakness. they want the horsemen to give up their federally protected simulcasting rights and to contribute $1.7 million to operating costs. the track owners want to reserve the right to pull th
watch. yes, and through 10 for most central and western maryland as the front swings through. highlighting moderate rain in bel air. we have it around the beltway and heavier rain showing up across the state line on interstate 84 up in northern sections of baltimore county. we have got it back towards carroll county as well. we are looking at heavy rain that continues to move through on the satellite and radar. you can see a distinct line back towards the west or at least indication of the heavier rain in the orange and red shadeings. that's where the front is. the front is still roughly 80 to 100 miles to the west. we have a few more showers to deal with it. it ramps up from here on end. perhaps the wind has been battling your siding overnight. light stay with us and get stronger. high temperatures this morning near 60. we probably should adjust the temperatures because we moved up into the low 60s. but it's going to be a morning high temperature because the front crosses by midday and temperatures tank as the rain pushes out of here. we will fall through the 40s this after
wind pushing 24 miles per hour and we are dry on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. here kim brown with that. >> reporter: thanks. well drivers are getting jousteled around a bit traveling some of the area bridges and wind warnings remain in place at tieding and key bridges. looking at the belt weway, traffic at good pace. everything is moving at speed 695 at providence road. no problems heading up towards 83 on the inner loop side. look live at the maps only one accident on the ground and that's an upper co route 30 at emery road. that accident brought wires down in the intersection and expect that to remain closed for little bit. charlie, back to you. >> kim, thanks a lot. >>> a a beautiful pasadena teen is dead following what many think is the result of texting while driving. family and friends gather to remember the 19-year-old alkrissa bennett. sherrie johnson is live with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. family and friends would have been celebrating 19-year-old alyssa benate berth -- bennett's birthday. a prelem nary report says that speed, alcohol an
. no one wants him. >> protesting against an abortion doctor.@ the reason he decided to move to maryland. >> top destinations for the people that handle government pensions. what the city is doing now after our investigation. >> below freezing with temperatures in the id 20s, and snow in western maryland. how much it will warm up tomorrow, and what will happen with the winds, in my sky watch3 forecast. >> and one aspirin a day. how effective it may be in the fight against cancer. live in high definition, from3 wbff tv innbaltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. @% hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. a huge fire in downtown baltimore, a building goes up in flames. the fire spreads. >> you can see it in the video behind us. this was a massive fire that shut down a key portion downtown baltimore. it started at east baltimore street and holiday. this afternoon. keith daniels is live at the scene where 100 firefighters battled this blaze. keith. >> well, jeff, firefighters were able, finally, able to bring the fire, under control at about 7:00 tonight. but they will stay he
this weekend's paper. >>> now "good mornings, maryland" at nine. >>> it's tuesday, december 28. welcome to "good morning maryland at niefnlt megan has the day off she will be back tomorrow. thanks for joining us. coming up, we will introduce you to jill and explain why she is the scary mom. one of the more popular blogs here in baltimore. and she has been featured in baltimore magazine. we will let you know what you will find if you visit her on the internet. >>> new traffic laws january 1st. drivers have three options when it comes to paying traffic tickets. we have someone in from the state police to give you all the details on that and kwanza celebrations will be underway this week in cherry woods. and adam bowman is in the kitchen making food and i've taste tested some and you will want to pay attention to this recipe because it might be something you want to check out. onto this morning's hot topic. a gallup poll name the president and secretary of state hillary clinton of the two most admired people in the u.s. he received the award and secretary of state clinton got the title in
have some snow flying out there. more so in the maryland side of the potomac. winter weather advisories are up for montgomery, howard, frederick, and anne arundel counties until 9:00 this morning. look at doppler in a moment. we expect the snow showers through 9:00. snow showers have been flying up and down 270. they have been persistent. on live doppler 9000 hd this is where we see the area. frederick county, especially along and west of 270 and then in to northern montgomery, you can see it in to howard, prince georges, anne arundel. some of these areas the ground is covered and is white and we will watch for slippery roads in montgomery county, 108 laytonsville to clarksville and germantown a real problem this morning. monica, over to you. >>> as you have been saying, you could encounter slippery road conditions in maryland this morning. and now an accident in silver spring on georgia avenue at jessup blare drive. you have to follow police direction to get around that one. tow trucks are on the way. that's just north of the district line. we'll take you to the beltway. overall the be
. the preakness is at stake, if the two major players in maryland horse racing can't aee aee -- agree on a plan for 2011. it's not going well [we can't run a business where we lose money year after year. >> reporter: that's the perspective of track owners who have presented their offer for the season to the horseman association. >> this agreement is an insult to maryland racing. >> reporter: the two sides disagree on many things including the length of the racing season, if the horsemen should pay money to the track owners and if they should lobby annapolis for legislation that benefits the tracks. the current owners expected to win a slots parlor last year but that didn't happen. >> if they didn't play by the rules, didn't submit the application on time and didn't submit the check, and we shouldn't have to pay for that failure. >> reporter: the maryland state racing commission referees the talks and will are -- have to wait to hear another offer. no one knows when that could happen. >> lets work over the next few months to find answers. let us work together, maybe we find improvement. >> you d
with us on this tuesday morning. >> we are freezing. >> we do have a quick heads up in maryland. garrett county schools are closed. they were closed yesterday and are closed again today. in west virginia, schools in morgan county are going to be opening two hours late. >> now a check on your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. lisa is watching the roads for us but first meteorologist adam caskey. anything we ought to know? >> >> possibly again tonight and tomorrow morning. just that type of weather pattern now. that area right there you see on your screen, montgomery county between urbana and clarksburg, that is a little snowshower. that will leave a little coating of additional snow on the roadways so you exercise caution. you can drive through this. just be very slow. lisa will talk more about that. give yourself extra following distance. otherwise, it is windy and cold outside. you factor in the wind, it feels like we're zero to 10 above. even below zero. windy, wind advisory until 10:00 p.m. because of wind gusts up to 45-mile-per-hour. so the wind chill will be a factor all day lo
showers, mainly in lower southern maryland and across the eastern shore. but those are minimal and moving out. 25 in the district. wind gusting up to 45 miles per hour. like temperatures with wind gusts approaching the upper 40's at times. that makes it feel like we are down in the teens to single digits at times for a wind chill. a wind advisory is in effect until 9:00 p.m., with gusts approaching 50 miles per hour. sunny and cold with highs in the mid 30's. jim, what do you have in the traffic? >> this is 270 at the interchange at hyattstown. there is a report of a deer struck on what hundred nine at two wounded 70. -- on 109 at 270. everybody in the service road had to exit at nutley street, and not least two traffic cannot get on 66. utleyt least three -- not onl street traffic cannot get on to 66. >>> snow is falling in parts of the northeast. millions of people have been snowed in by the major storm of the season. a foot of snow from the carolinas all the way up to maine. a blizzard warning is still in effect. many states like maryland and virginia are in a state of emergency. >> th
the distress and felicia's mother's voice. it is a very stressful. >> maryland state police have not team up with city officials in the investigation. anyone with ended -- any information is asked to call baltimore city police. anne arundel county fire officials are try to figure out what sparked this 3 alarm fire at the german restaurant. the fire broke out just after 5:30 this morning at the old steinitz in. firefighters encountered heavy smoke and shooting flames before getting control of the fire. fortunately, no one was hurt. if you are resolved to lose weight by the end of january, help is on the way. details in this afternoon's medical alert. and experts say some of the help you need to lose weight could be in the palm of your hands. house smartphones apps can help you keep track. the year. and the measure that could bring and the measure that could bring slots to anne arundel you need the patch. (announcer) icy hot patches. targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch. >> county executive john leopold announces a fifth hiring
in southern maryland. it's pushing out of the area. it feels like we are in the teens and single digits when you factor in the wind. it will feel cold all day, high temperatures in the low to mid 30's. it will become sunny and gusty. the next couple days will ormoc drastically. 55 on the weekend by saturday. something to look forward to. now to allie oakley. >>> the camera is moving a lot. keep two hands on the steering wheel. salt and sand trucks are on standby. 95, the capital beltway have been treated. 270 has little ice in between the changing lanes in some spots. you have to pay attention. from the police to get on to eastbound 66, the ramp is closed. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we begin with the aftermath of the major blizzard. much of the east coast is beginning to clean up after the storm dumped a foot in some places. alex has the latest on the storm and its impact. -- emily. >> post-holiday blues. >> this is a blizzard and our city is directly in its path. >> new york city could be under a foot of snow. >> a of the main thoroughfares. >> states of emergency have been declared fro
the attack to the head. the governor called all sides to discuss the future of live horse racing in maryland. a tentative plans to keep it going for at least another year. >> after months of turmoil and two projected deals in the past month, the maryland racing and chechen -- racing commission voted unanimously for a new plan that ensure is a full calendar of 146 racing days for laurel park and pimlico by moving some money around. >> reached an agreement to in essence allows us to re appropriate to some of those dollars going to distract -- race track so that we can have a full year of racing in the coming year. >> the maryland thoroughbred and horse breeders association will contribute $1.7 million. >> i am proud of the people who work in this industry, many of whom work from 5:30 in the morning until darkness 365 days a year. they will be working christmas day. they will have a good christmas this year because we were able to move this forward. >> all sides acknowledge that this is a short-term fix and there is no guarantee thit will continue after the coming year. >> we have a lot of work
. if you know how the plan, you'll be ok. you have to watch your p's and q's this morning. in maryland, things treacherous. crews are starting to spread things around as far as chemicals, but they have a long way to go just to get that chemical down along the portions of the beltway, only two lanes available in some areas. here is a live picture. very dangerous coming up to intersections and taking exits and on-ramps this morning. virginia's side, you look a lot better. i have one camera thanks to geico in virginia to show you what it looks like. maryland, as you saw just a moment ago, that is a whole other story. we'll go back inside. >> lisa, thank you so much. another day of bitterly cold temperatures. >> it is causing some problems. >> how does it look outside in the district? >> well, to talk about the weather here and describe it as cold really does not quite cut it. we're talking about the snow perhaps taking some by surprise. let me show you, out on the roads, it is still out here, driving through d.c. this morning, we were certainly taken by surprise at the amount of snow that
wiring energized an electric fence -- a chain- link fence, causing a fire. no one was hurt. the maryland eastern shore is dealing with a to 13 inches of snow. many side roads are clogged. the drivers are want to use caution because of the drifting snow and the maryland national guard is working around the clock using humvees to transport patients for medical care. >>> the busy holiday rush has now become a waiting game. suzanne kennedy is here with us at that -- at reagan national airport. >> we are being told that it could be a day or two if people are depending on the airport. last night they gave out blankets to those who are stranded overnight. more than a foot of snow from this weekend's east coast blizzard is causing major delays for air travelers. two days after this note started to fall, people -- the snow started to fall, people are still stranded. they're supposed to be at a new york seminar. >> our flight was canceled. i was hoping that we would be able to get there today. and i thought we were, but apparently not. >> the hardest hit in the storm, the northeast, where thousand
trees, power lines or lead to damage. and a coastal flood advisory until 3 p.m. there's maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we have moderate to heavy rain across the reasoningon. we are talking about the severe -- region. we are talking about the severe weather. 61 this morning. but we will tank in the 40s when the rain ends this afternoon. kim. >> reporter: justin, the weather is not our friend this morning in terms of the morning commute. looking live here at 895 southbound at o'donnell street exit, the camera is full of moisture and that's what the road are like. very wet and slick and the winds gusting very strong. that's not helping matters. but looking at the maps, we have an incident on the beltway where pooa portion of the inner loop -- a portion of the inner loop is clough closed. 695 can bed -- is closed. a crash is involving a fuel leak. the exit ramp close from the inner loop onto route 2. so traffic is turned around at the toll plaza. you are directed to a service road to get on the the outer loop or a better alternate is avoid 695 and take the fort mchenry tunnel or 8
for the lost revenue. >>> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >>'s the point. with the graphics they want to get stuck. we have ourselves a wind and some snow showers this morning. we are aiming for 32 and are down to 18. 40% chance it's going to be sunny tomorrow. okay. well we will eliminate that. that's stuck in the system but we have ourselves a look at temperatures that will be modifying throughout the week. we get sun and back to 40 by thursday. and if you noticed these are pumping up a little sooner. and that's partly due to our limited snow coverage. any thicker snow pack would have helped to refrigerate the atmosphere an extra two days. 40 by thursday and friday we are looking at 44. and as we head into the new year, looks like temperatures actually push into the low 50s with rain. you can't stick a ruler in rain. we will leave it at that. we will go up to new york where they are digging out from a foot of snow and check out the morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, facebook overtakes yahoo. new number
>>> now, "good morning, maryland. >>> the fight to extend bush era tax cuts continues in the nation's capital. more dissension between president obama as his democratic party. >>> neighbors say hundreds of animals lived in the house that catches on fire. it could have been a disaster. but firefighters were able to make a lot of rescues. >>> and weekend weather turns wild and deadly. heavy snow brought down the roof at the metro dome in minneapolis. how long will it continue and what are we in store for here in maryland. >> that video is incredible. and the snow out there is incredible. i know if you are living here you might be a little bit jealous because we saw rain and a lot of people want to see snow. >> the thing about the video from the metrodome. they had four guys on the roof with shovels. you need more than four guys. you need more than four. what is in store for us on this monday, december 13th? late sea -- let's say good morning for justin berk. a few days off last week and come back and bring flurries. >> i tried to. four goose were strong and ambitious and they tried h
for electric and $30 million for residential gas customers. the maryland public service commission approved an increase of $30.9 million for electric distribution and $9.75 million for gas. bge was disappointed with the decision but so are customers for different reasons. >> i don't like it, because the rates are already high. we pay a lot of money for heat and electricity. >> as much money as we pay you guys, it's a shame. you should be giving us a rebate like with the cars. bail us out. >> the the wintertime bearing down fast and christmas and hanukkah shopping going on most customers i talked to today were not real happy about the increase. in annapolis, i'm don harrison for abc2 news. >> i don't blame them. >>> time running out on a federal tax credit that could save you money on energy efficient home improvements. homeowners have until decease dees 31st to buy qualifying items such as hvac systems, water heaters, biomass stoves, windows and doors. the credit is 30% of the cost of qualifying energy efficient home improvement up to a maximum of $1,500 for 2009 and 2010 combined. a tax cr
hospital via helicopter but he he later passed away. >>> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 5:30 how about that. we have got ourselves a look at the extended outlook. temperatures and for some reason itup ped up on the extend graphic. i think we will hold on the low end of the two degree guarantee. more like 37 and we have had more clouds. we have to address the graphic. computeer is fighting me on this. we have a look at winds today and tomorrow. it could gusts to 35 or 40 miles per hour. overnight lows in the 20s. mid-30s tomorrow and christmas day. christmas day, the day that we will be watching the storm in the south spreading clouds and maybe flurries our way in the afternoon and evening. the bulk of the storm takes form takes charge off the coast and it will be a sunday to monday time frame. still trying to fine-tune the details. remember this is still over three days away from reaching us. and having its impact on us. while we have been talking about it for a long time, and while we will be impacting your ho
in serious jeopardy when the maryland racing commission voted against the plan from the track owners to reduce the number of live racing days. yesterday afternoon, the governor's office stepped in to find an agreement. the commission accepted a plan for 146 racing days at laurel park and pimlico. horse owners said they couldn't stay in business without a full schedule but track owners said they were losing more than 4 million dollars a year. the deal is described as a temporary fix. >> horse racing and the preakness is an industry has a billion dollar a year economic impact on our state. so, this is a way for us to be able to take dollars that were not otherwise going into the racetrack improvements in any event and be able to put them into the operating and to be able to keep the preakness here in the full days of -- day of racing in maryland. >> at end of the day we can discuss this end fighting and everything else but at end of the day we have a deal. >> reporter: okay. a closer look how it place out. horse owners will pay $1.7 million. the track will be allowed to use revenue fr
of the peak travel times of the year. nearly 2 million people from maryland will hit the road over the holidays but if we get a white christmas, some will have to adjust their plans. >> aaa is predicting record high travel over the holiday weekend so if you plan to hit the roads, you might haveto factor some snow into your itinerary's. there are some simple things you can do to insure a smooth journey. it is a sure sign that the holidays are imminent. according to aaa, thursday kicks off the busiest travel season of the year. gas prices are hovering at around $3 a gallon. aaa estimates that 1.7 maryland ers will travel this weekend. could the potential for a white christmas complicate even short trips? >> plan on the possibility of snow over christmas weekend. this is not a for sure thing this yet. some have a direct hit with some snow. >> you should make sure that your vehicle is rove ready. >> your tires are in good condition. that the tire tread is good. check your batteries, fluid. >> every year, aaa sees a spike in rhode assistance calls from drivers who are unprepared. >> wha
what3 the eastern shore, liiht winds, 43 for the dayttme high. in it central maryland, we're going to see teeperatures around ú%e 42, 43-degree marr. ú%etty much if you liied yesterday, you are going to ove ú%day. we will have a repeat performmnce ann westerr maryland is going to make it in the 40s, 45 degrees with a light tomorrow, here comes the warm up be pushing 50 ddgreee, can you to sttp therr at not going you gottthe 9 tomorrow, how about the first day of the new year, 52 deerees, soothht's %-50% chhnce of showers f that -ystem comes throuuh and thenú temperaturee moderating as we start 2011. this thursday morning f there's roadways, you got the traffic edgg report. we also have candace dold. >> eporter: thank yoo, tonn, we are actually talking about an incident in harford county. was vandalizee and produce ishat thrown on the road. now you will find is at route 136. now to get around all of this, youucould use route 440 aad 543 instead.3 as far as 95 in the northeast corridor, let's take a liveú look, traveling near mountain road this morning, and it is 955
, includeing this year and is leaving the terps. maryland announced it would replace him after the game and that was the main topic of conversation. >> and that is his last year and is sad to us, you know, we're here to support him and the team. >> friedjen has been a coach and not great and he's 63. i think it's time to pass the baton. >> love you, ralph and you're going to be a terp in my book and coach. >> whether they loved them or they just liked him, everyone here said that they were planning on giving him a big ovation when he walked on to the field and there was a bit of a scuffle between both teams there. the players got up in each other's faces and he needed to basically get into the middle of it and to break yet up. he didn't get the round of applause that i think fanned wanted on to give him. >> and that long rivalry. >> oh, yeah. >> and that is still going on. >> all right. >> and more bad news. >>> thousands are trying to get home after the winter weather wall up. airlines are announcing fare hikes now and find out how much you will pay next.  >> starting to s
advisory for maryland part of the metro. it is cod but also sticking and if untreated highways out, there through 9:00 snow showers are possible. more sun this afternoon but think sustained winds, 22, to 23 miles an hour. gusts over 40 miles an hour. the winds will stay in the teens this morning. going to be a big picture. the snow showers are coming from pennsylvania. bigger in new york and new england. look at that band of blue across frederick. you can see this on live doppler 9000 hd. those folks in urbana to clarksburg, 270 coming through hyattstown and 355, watch out. the snow extends to bowie, as well. less in virginia. hardly anything in virginia except northern loudoun county on a cold, windy morning where we we have have the winds. they are gusting at times over 30 miles an hour. we are 23 at reagan national. upper teens for the shenandoah valley and that's giving us some fierce wind chills near zero in spots this morning. the latest gusts 39 miles an hour. and we are gusting to 28 and 33 southern maryland. wind advisory until 10:00. winter weather advisory. we could pick
down. more illegal immigrant could have a slot at in-state college tuition perks. maryland is the latest state to consider the move. incoming state senator will introduce a bill next month saying we should invest in education for everyone and joins us. senator, welcome to the program. a bill like this was put forth a couple years ago, a decade ago and it was vetoed by the governor of maryland. why are you putting it out there again? >>guest: because of the failure of the federal government to have immigration reform. we in the state of maryland take pride in our education and we have the number one public school system in the united states for the second year running, and we have the best and brightest and we want to keep the best and brightest in the state of maryland. >> but marylanders are frustrated like everyone else and they feel they are paying a lot of money in taxes for all services and the economies are still struggling and now you are asking them to pick up an extra tab for those who may not have paid fully into the system so the kids can get a tax break. >>guest
, maryland schools are closed out in western approximated approximated. >> pendleton county, west virginia, opening two hours late. also two hours late, allegheny county, maryland. the mountain ridge district is closed. >> it's the mountain ridges getting hammered by snow. tom kierein is here to take a look at our forecast as we look outside. 32 degrees in the nation's capital. >> no snow here. maybe a fleeting flurry at the most. elwhere, we do have some snow western maryland and west virginia. the moving white. that is some passing snow showers now moving off the great lakes with this persistent northwest cold flow picking up the moisture a turng it into snow. they can get a foot of snow, the counties of color. highlands of west virginia. and weave temperatures right now that are at or bel freezing throughout the eire reon. right now 33 at national airport. near 30 in prince george's, arlington, fair fox, montgomery. southern maryland around the y, eastern shore, only the upper 20s to near 30. around virginia tiedwate 20 in western maryland and west virginia. this persistent north wester
racing industry in maryland. a day after the preakness was thrown into turmoil, leaders strike a deal to keep the horses running. andrea fujii stays on the story from pimlico. >> reporter: the governor organized a meeting yesterday with the people who had the biggest stakes in the race and they reached an agreement which has been approved. the maryland racing commission voted unanimously to hack sent halas ditch agreement keeping the preakness stakes in maryland. >> ecstatic. >> reporter: the agreement, brokers by governor o'malley, guarantees 146 days of live racing at the track next year -- pimlico and laurel park. >> it allows to us keep the preakness and a full day of racing in maryland. actually both. it's critically important to all of those thousands of jobs that depend on racing and horse related agriculture and critically important for our traditions as a state. >> reporter: the agreement revolves around state revenue generated from slot machines. the owners will be allowed to use $4 million to payday-to-day bills. before now, it was for track improvement. mayor stephanie raw
, if we get it. do have some snow activity at western maryland this morning. it is indicating that a disturbance is moving through. we're in the 30's right now. we're heading for a high closer to 40 today. 36 to 40. a mix of sunshine and clouds with the wind out of the northwest. we will look it some of the models with the christmas day storm coming up. let's check at your morning commute. >> looking good out there with one exception. this is the water main break at north avenue and chester. use extra caution. our speed sensors indicate just a bit of a sluggish spot on 95 approaching the 895 split. the jfx is in great shape. the rest of the major roadways moving well. 95 through howard county at 52 approaching 32. 50 at sandy point, no problems here. they're doing some salting on both expanse of the bridge. this is for u.s. and baltimore national pike. building volume but no official delay. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> thank you. president obama will sign the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" into law. it marks a promise in it -- it marks the ful
comes you're on your n. >> police say the victim was a 25-year-old woman from maryland but they have not released her name. >>> detectives near frederick, maryland are trying to figure out how a man got trapped in a rock crusher and died. chopper 4 was over the scene at laurel sand and gravel. investigators say around 8:00 last night the worker was using the crushing machine and somehow got stuck. >>> metro is stepping up security at all of its bus stops and train stations. >> metro transit police are going to randomly select riders and then search their bags. news 4 derrick ward got reaction from riders. >> reporr: bags on any given dayust about everybody has one of one kind or another and now just about anybody who rides metro is subject to having their bags checked for explosives. >> this is an additional security measure we're taking to ensure the safety of our passengers and employees. >> reporter: a suspicious package report briefly closed entrance to the l'enfant plaza. the search is initially what they call non-intrusive, a chemical swabbing that would lead to a more thorough
in rush hour, checking bags here at the college park university of maryland stop. they checked about 25 bags an hour. the first time passengers have ever experienced something like this. some say it's going to keep us safe. others believe it's just slowing down the system. >> i don't like it, of course not. >> it wasn't just metro police but tsa stopping passengers and inspecting bags. >> when i first walked in, it was kind of scary. i wasn't prepared for it. >> reporter: it's the randomness that have some worried. >> i don't know what i was doing or why i was selected. i have no idea. i'm a law abiding citizen. >>> the inspections are only supposed to take about one to two minutes. >> this one is much quicker, unlike the airport. it's a handheld device that takes about 15 seconds to an lays the swab. >> reporter: but that's precious time when the train is pulling up. >> it's too much. people are in a rush in d.c. gotta go. >> reporter: the bags they select are swiped with what looks like a small napkin. the bag is analyzed for residue from explosives. in most cases the bags won't even
maryland, those dark blue areas. that's where snow is starting to fall. you can see that very distinct rain/snow line with the pinks, where the freezing rain and sleet would be falling. and to the south of that rain, that is what's approaching us. we'll take a closer look as to when it will exactly hit the area and how much snow right now we're talking about. that will come up later. we'll sends it back to you. >> lowell, thank you. you can track the snow with interactive radar. use the futurecast feature to see where the storm is headed. go to's weather page or try it out on our cell phone apps and share your pictures and videos. with this weather coming our way, officials are working hard to make shoor everyone is safe on the road. we go live in rosedale. hi, sheldon. >> crews have been getting ready for several days now and they plan to stay on top of the storm. they'll be making several trips to make sure all of the roads stay clear. the state highway administration started getting ready for the storm earlier this week. they stalked up on salt and sand, a solution that would
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